So...what is Ripple Reel, you might ask? The concept behind Ripple Reel is relatively simple, and involves reviewing the film I've already featured on my other site, Fan Orbit, in more depth. 

This may also involve reviewing similar or connected films within that review, and in certain situations, it may be that the films are different on either site, and as a result I will look for a film that has an interesting or perhaps tenuous link to the one on Fan Orbit.

I will then review either a piece of literature connected to the film in some way i.e. the novel it's based on, or an earlier or different version of the screenplay for said film, if there isn't a novel as such to review, or I don't feel there is one that has any real similarities to the film.

Finally, I will then review a tie-in book, such as an art of book, or a making of book, which adds further to the overall impact the film has had, hence the title, Ripple Reel.

You can find more information on the Patreon page below, and I hope it's something you may come to enjoy and hopefully support over time.

Your journey on the reel begins here...with the first ripple.